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IT Show 2015 Price List Flyer

General Information's IT SHOW 2015: Floor plan map

Canon IT Show 2015 Price List Flyer

Canon DSLR Digital Cameras, EOS 7D Mk II, 6D, 70D, 700D, 100D, 1200D, Legria, HF G30, Mini X, Mini
Canon Digital Cameras, PowerShot N100, SX60 HS, G1X Mark II, G7 X, SX710 HS, N2, IXUS 160, SX610 HS, G16, S200, SX530 HS, IXUS 170, SELPHY CP910, SX400 IS, D30

Canon DSLR Digital Cameras, EOS 7D Mk II, 6D, 70D, 700D, 100D, 1200D, Legria, HF G30, Mini X, Mini Canon Digital Cameras, PowerShot N100, SX60 HS, G1X Mark II, G7 X, SX710 HS, N2, IXUS 160, SX610 HS, G16, S200, SX530 HS, IXUS 170, SELPHY CP910, SX400 IS, D30

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Casio IT Show 2015 Price List Flyer

Casio Digital Cameras Exilim EX-TR5Q, EX-FR1D
Casio Digital Cameras Exilim, EX-100, ZR3500, ZR50, EX-MR1
Casio Digital Cameras Gift For Points Redemption

Casio Digital Cameras Exilim EX-TR5Q, EX-FR1D Casio Digital Cameras Exilim, EX-100, ZR3500, ZR50, EX-MR1 Casio Digital Cameras Gift For Points Redemption

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Nikon IT Show 2015 Price List Flyer

Nikon Digital Cameras DSLR D5500, D7100, D5300, D3300, Nikon 1 AW1, J4
Nikon Digital Cameras Coolpix P610, AW120, P530, L830, S6900, S7000, S2900, L31, Mystery Gift

Nikon Digital Cameras DSLR D5500, D7100, D5300, D3300, Nikon 1 AW1, J4 Nikon Digital Cameras Coolpix P610, AW120, P530, L830, S6900, S7000, S2900, L31, Mystery Gift

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Samsung IT Show 2015 Price List Flyer

Samsung Digital Cameras NX1, NX Mini, Galaxy K Zoom
Samsung Digital Cameras NX500, NX3300, NX300M, NX3000

Samsung Digital Cameras NX1, NX Mini, Galaxy K Zoom Samsung Digital Cameras NX500, NX3300, NX300M, NX3000

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Olympus IT Show 2015 Price List Flyer

Olympus Digital Cameras OM-D E-M1, Pen E-PL7
Olympus Digital Cameras OM-D E-M10, Pen E-PL6
Olympus Digital Cameras Stylus 1, SP100-EE, Tough TG-3, TG-850
Olympus Voice Recorders LS-14, DM-650, WS-833, 832, 831, VN-732PC, 731PC

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Olympus Digital Cameras OM-D E-M1, Pen E-PL7 Olympus Digital Cameras OM-D E-M10, Pen E-PL6 Olympus Digital Cameras Stylus 1, SP100-EE, Tough TG-3, TG-850 Olympus Voice Recorders LS-14, DM-650, WS-833, 832, 831, VN-732PC, 731PC

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Fujifilm IT Show 2015 Price List Flyer

Fujifilm Digital Cameras, Lenses X30, X100T, XQ1, XQ2
Fujifilm Digital Cameras Finepix S4800, S8200, S8300, HS35, HS55, HS50, S1, X-S1
Fujifilm Digital Cameras X-T1, X-E2, X-Pro 1, X-A2, X-M1
Fujifilm Digital Cameras Finepix F800. F850, JZ700, T500

Fujifilm Digital Cameras, Lenses X30, X100T, XQ1, XQ2 Fujifilm Digital Cameras Finepix S4800, S8200, S8300, HS35, HS55, HS50, S1, X-S1 Fujifilm Digital Cameras X-T1, X-E2, X-Pro 1, X-A2, X-M1 Fujifilm Digital Cameras Finepix F800. F850, JZ700, T500

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How I Became A Professional Photographer

When I was little I received my first digital camera. I took it everywhere with me: vacations, the park, school. Eventually it broke and being a kid I was distraught. This may have been the best thing that happened to me. I immediately got another camera, this one was better. It had more pixels and took much better photos. I used this camera for a number of years. During a family vacation in Santorini, Greece, I capture a photo of my little brother, Oliver, sitting outside of a shop with a dog that was resting next to him. I did not think much of it. When I was showing my photos to my friends and family, they all really liked that one photo along with many others. That following school year was my sophomore year of high school. I decided to sign up for a photography class because interest was growing. My teacher wanted me to bring in some of my work and he looked through all the photos and that same photo really jumped out at him. I wasn’t before long that I was honored as “Photographer of the Month” for that photo. As soon as this all started happening, I became obsessed with photography. I pretty much owe all of my success to that one photo which really got me started. Later that year I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3000. It had a variety of lenses including a telephoto, macro, wide angle, and fish eye. At the end of that school year I won the “Photographer of the Year” award which was amazing. Around then is when I was inspired to begin my photography blog. I actually began it as a way to share my photos with my friends and family. Then I started getting all these people on it writing to me about how much they enjoyed my photography. This only further inspired me to do more. I started traveling the world more and more capturing the culture and traditions of the people and places I visited. As my blog grew, my current host at the time could not support the amount of content and activity so I had to move it to a different host. I recently created a website that branches off of the blog with a slideshow of my best photography work.

Looking back on the years seeing how far I have come, I decided to that I wanted to be an inspiration to others that have interests in visual arts.

I am Sam Rosenthal, a professional photographer who travels the world. I run my own photography blog. Visit the link below. Leave a comment, tweet me, etc.

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EOS Digital rebel Editor Review

Because most recognized member of the particular Eos 550d Rebel collection, canon’s EOS Rebel T2i features a list of special Eos 550d capabilities. This is an simple to use, light-weight digital camera which includes a great Eighteen.0-megapixel CMOS photograph sensing unit and improved upon light level of responsiveness when deciding to take pictures within lower light. Moreover, your Digital rebel comes with a semi-pro High-definition Motion picture placing which allows you to produce great entire High-definition video clips. Your Digital slr is fantastic for recording as much as Three.Seven fps which is capable to blast the instant it is acquired. With the superior Stay View, a fresh wide-area display screen, and other capabilities which includes Canon’s exceptional Car Illumination Optimizer along with Highlight Sculpt capabilities guarantee excellent photos and videos. Built with several of one of the most modern features of just about any Digital camera, their absolutely the best T2i Canon offers at any time presented.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i Advantages:

The 18-135mm zoom lens is a wonderful upgrade towards the common 18-55mm zoom lens. Specially if it is a personal 1st digital camera, so you basically never employ a huge cover added lenses. It is usually ideal excursions, taking pictures involving children, or perhaps in a few other predicament where you wouldn’t like to adjust lenses.

– Functionality. Nominal shutter insulate, great video, great low-light efficiency.

* Comparatively light (around One particular kg Per Only two fat with lens)

Cannon EOS Digital rebel T2i Downsides:

– Cost is to some degree high — however worth every penny.

– The particular aboard display isn’t really perfect.

: Zero auto-focus any time zooming while capturing video.

– Concentrate throughout are living photograph function is a little slower.


– The Canon EOS Digital rebel T2i photos are perfect. The actual wide selection ISO and substantial display helps make critiquing images very easy.


1 . Movie is among the finest best parts of the Rule EOS Cool dude T2i. My spouse and i bought this particular to provide a supplementary video camera. I have discovered that this dslr can to produce superior to our HD video camera and some not really effectively. The majority of my personal examination footage may be ideal. Canon EOS Cool dude T2i usually takes quite amazing movie! You will find there’s get nevertheless; the very difficult to manage any time saving. Driving, emphasis tracking, as well as modifying direct exposure are typical extremely hard to do successfully any time filming online video because the hardly established to be considered a focused video camera. Sound can be appropriate pertaining to informal saving but not really wonderful adequate for specialized function.

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Canon EOS 60D Camera Review & Demo

Canon EOS 60D Review & Demo: Price, Specs, Features & more: Canon EOS 60D DSLR What Digital Camera Hands on SUBSCRIBE HERE: Read the ful…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Tips On Using A Professional Photographer

When you think about some of the most important days in your life, you often look back at photographs to help you remember them.  If you are planning for special upcoming life events, such as a wedding, you want to consider using a professional photographer in Vancouver WA to record the event for you.  If you have not used a professional before, then here are some tips that may help you. One of the first tips is to ask people you know to recommend a good photographer in Vancouver WA to you.  Chances are that if they liked working with them, you would too.  You can also search on the internet for local photographers and look at their websites.  Even if you get a referral from a friend, going to the website is one of the easiest ways to look at the types of pictures that the photographer takes.  You can be sure that he will post what he considers to be his best work, so that is a good gauge of whether or not you will like the photos he would take at your wedding. The websites may also tell you how long the photographer in Vancouver WA has been in business.  This is important because you want someone who has had experience taking photos at weddings.  You know how challenging it can be to gently move people into their places for photographs and to get everyone smiling at the same time.  This is one of the challenges that new photographers face, and often it is simply time that will provide the necessary experience to do this well. While on the website, check to see if there is a price list for individual events as well as package deals.  This can help you compare between the different photographers.  If you like the portfolios of two or three and one charges quite a bit more than the others, then you may want to eliminate him from your list. Visit with the photographer Vancouver WA to see how you like him and discuss your needs with him.  Be sure to talk about the different shots you prefer to have.  If there were particularly creative photos in his portfolio that you really enjoyed, be sure to ask about similar shots for your wedding. By following these tips and getting recommendations or checking out websites, looking at the portfolios, comparing prices and meeting with the photographer to see if your personalities are compatible, you will be able to select one that will do a good job for you.

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Why do you want to shoot this photo?

A question from photographer Peter West Carey: “What are you thinking while taking pictures?” Peter West Carey has been shooting for more than 20 years. He has filmed countless photos, and photography is almost a reflex action. But for him, there is still a key issue. The question will appear before he press the shutter: “Why I wanted to take this photo?”

Indeed, this question will be very useful if we want to take a photograph and especially while we want to enhance the level of photography. Here we analyzed a number of possible answers, whether right or wrong, it is rather a way of thinking.

1. Because of beauty

This is a very common answer. For example, when you see the beautiful scenery, you will want to shoot down, and then save or upload to the web to share. However, beautiful scenery is not equal to the pretty photos. The reason is very simple, the contrast of the environment may be too strong, or a beautiful sunset interrupted by some trees. Our brain will be wonderful to modify, adjust, change focus, but the camera cannot do that even with the HDR. It will not filter the debris on a photo.

2. Because of felling

It is probably a good reason for photography. Whether you feel any emotions, if a situation affects you, then you could have tried to shoot down, and then conveyed through the computer screen to let the audience received the emotion.

3. Because of the story

This is the photo many photographers want to get. When the story of a world, live, and move compressed into a photo, when a photo can say a rich story, you must to shoot down. Please look for these opportunities, especially when traveling.

4. Because there are guiding

A picture can worth a thousand words. It is no need to consider what the rule of thirds and the golden ratio, or exposure to be absolutely correct and more. If a photo can teach us to learned one thing, just shoot it.

5. Because I want to remember this moment

There may be a sunset on the beach, or the lonely small cup in a coffee shop. We have seen these photos by our friends online. Indeed, it is a little boring, these photos are boring. However, this does not mean that we should not shoot, but remember in mind that these photos are your private memories, not to compel your friend to look at these pictures, just let it quietly pasting on your private desk. Someone cannot share your memories and feelings, in addition to yourself, others don’t understand to appreciate. If you do not share and had good save, the value of this work will be higher.

It is a simple way to make a dynamic photo album of your beautiful photos to share online. You can visit to find a Video Editor for Mac to help you convert your photos to a video in all popular formats. Besides, you can also find more software or tutorials in our site. For example, you will know how to convert MPEG to MOV on Mac.

I am a photography lover and video researcher. I like to share some knowledge and skills which I studied. If you waondering how to convert dvd to mp4 on Mac. You can go to our site to learn more info, and you will know other tutorials like how to convert dvd to mkv on Mac on our site.

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The Beauty of Manual Canon Camera Dslr Photography

Almost everyone gets to the point sometimes where you are fed up with the tons of pics that take up all the space on your hard drive, and you don’t even wanna bother looking through all of it. The time when you are bored with going through the manual of your Canon Camera DSLR Charger again because you don’t know what all the buttons are for.

That’s when you would consider picking up again that old manual DSLR from your bottom drawer and ridding yourself of all the beeping and flashing that modern cameras tend to come with and just go back to basic once again… or for the first time, depending on your own photographical history.

There are many reasons for photographers to want to try out how they would do with a manual SLR. You might discover that the normal point-and-shoot film camera, that you have been playing around with for a while, limits your progress as a photographer, as it doesn’t come with the focusing options you would need to take… let’s say sharp close up portraits.

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend all functions of your semi-professional DSLR, which makes you want to go back to a simpler camera, to be able to concentrate on the essentials of focusing, framing and the right exposure. Also, since film and developing of the pics will all cost money, you are likely to choose your objects more carefully and spend more time with composition and the right framing.

After doing that you can pick up your DSLR again with greater confidence, after mastering the basics on a traditional model that makes you actually do the thinking. Instead of training yourself on a fancy Canon EOS Camera Charger, that makes you worry to much about mode of metering and hundreds of white balancing options, you can fully concentrate on your object and still get great images without too much post production.

Traditional DSLR are still used by many professional photographers who value them for their robustness, which makes them unimpressed with difficult weather conditions. So you might very well come across photo-journalists who like to include an old SLR in their setup.

Today, traditional DSLR like Nikon’s FM2 or Canon’s F and A series – though out of production – are still easy to find on online bidding platforms at reasonable prices. For those who want to dig a little bit deeper in their pockets, you might as well go with one of the famed Leica models. Most of the pictures still regarded ahead of their time today were taken with these cameras, just like Steve McCurry’s “Afghan Girl” was shot with a Nikon FM2.

But still, the biggest treat of using a traditional Canon Elura Charger is how it makes you calm down and puts you at ease. The preparations for a day out are enough to put you in the right mood. Take your camera out of where ever you keep it. Look at it from every angle to see if there are any new scratches from the last time of usage. Pull the film advance lever slowly to see if it goes smoothly, and then press the shutter release button to hear that down-to-earth sound, which is just loud enough for you to know that your camera fired, but silent enough to not make you the center of attention. Then you fill it with life (meaning the film) and you are ready to go.

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Digital Camera Photo Tip: Mug Shot To Nice Shot!

Id like to talk to the digital compact camera shooters first. Guys and gals, you dont have an awful lot of options but you do have one or two. Compact cameras with very few exceptions provide only a small flash on the front of the camera. The flash is forward facing and very close to the lens, there is no way to change that. However you can get some relief by softening the light output.

I have found that a home remedy is best for compact camera flash. This solution is useful for times when we shoot in living room sized spaces. Simply tape a small piece of white gauze in front of the flash. Be careful that you dont use too many layers of gauze! This will cut down on the effective range of the flash but it will get rid of the spotlight effect and provide a softer illumination. I have also used waxed paper as the diffusing material and it can be just as effective on some cameras.

While these suggestions for the compact camera owner arent very high-tech they do get the job done. As a side note this kind of flash diffuser is very helpful when taking pictures of babies! Because we tend to get very close to infants when we shoot, the naked flash can be very overwhelming. A little diffusion will always yield a better picture.

On to digital single lens reflex camera owners. As a group DSLR photographers have a universe of choice when it comes to flash control. Starting with the basics, lets look at your cameras built-in flash.

Im going to begin talking about built-in flash by offering my own opinion. One of the most misguided features added to SLRs back in the 90s was built-in flash. They are under powered and they provide light that is not one bit better than a compact camera flash. Having said that I also must say that they do exactly what they were intended to do: provide light for taking snapshots indoors or adding fill light outdoors.

Just like the flash on a compact digital camera a DSLRs built-in flash cannot be moved or positioned. Even though there is a little more separation between the flash and the lens they still provide very direct, very flat light for people pictures. The good news is that the same diffusion concepts used on compact cameras will also work for DSLRs. However we arent likely to get good results from gauze scraps or waxed paper.

For a DSLRs built-in flash it may be best to look to manufactured solutions. There are diffusers made by companies such as Promaster or Gary Fong that are very effective and safe to use on our cameras. Safe? Yes, these products wont damage the cameras hotshoe with tape residue or rest too close to the flashtube where melting could become a problem. Cleaning melted waxed paper off of a DSLR flash isnt easy or fun! And just as mentioned in the section on compact cameras a flash diffuser will reduce the working range of the flash.

There is a better way to immediately improve your people pictures. Add a hotshoe mounted flash to your DSLR. Adding this one accessory can make all the difference between mug shots and great shots.

The very first benefit comes from the increased distance between the cameras lens and the flash tube. Even these few added inches benefit your images because the lighting isnt aimed like a spotlight at the subjects face. Red eye is all but eliminated and skin tones can look more lifelike.

Hotshoe mounted camera flashes come from many manufacturers. Prices can be as low as $ 70.00 to well over $ 500.00. Usually a very good flash can be had for around $ 200.00 to $ 250.00. As the price goes up so do the power and the feature set.

I would suggest looking for good power, tilt and swivel motion on the flash head, solid construction and compatibility with your specific digital camera. And here is the rub: there are a lot of flashes out there that say they work with Canon or Nikon or Pentax, but are they compatible with digital versions of those brands? The answer must be Yes or it wont work on your rig. Avoid getting ripped off, if the deal looks so much better than the rest of the offerings chances are there is a reason.

Another big plus to adding a camera flash is that doing so opens up a thousand possibilities for diffusing the light and diffused light is beautiful light. Believe it or not, using flash diffusers is one of the easiest ways to add creativity without adding technical mumbo jumbo. All the photographer has to do is select a diffuser, attach it to the flash and shoot.

Each flash diffuser produces a slightly different lighting pattern, a lighting signature if you will. Some work well at filling larger rooms but then overwhelm in your living room. Others may produce a glamour-like lighting that you just dont care for. The packaging or online descriptions of the diffusers will steer you in the right direction. Odds are the photographer will own several different diffusers over time, each with its specific purpose or look.

Camera flash and all of the available accessories provide tremendous creative opportunity and possibility. The immediate improvement to our people pictures by adding a hotshoe mounted camera flash is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future we will explore flash brackets, off-shoe flash cords and much more. For right now though, take the next step and add a camera flash to your outfit. Move from mug shots up to Nice shot! in one easy step.

Stu Eddins is blogger, instructor, merchandiser, and is generally in charge of a lot of things for Porter’s Digital Cameras and Imaging. Visit their site at Years of experience over the counter and in classrooms have turned Stu into an evangelist for image preservation, capturing and sharing memories, and helping people understand digital cameras, digital camera lenses.

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Canon Ixus Camera Review

The Canon Ixus camera features a line of quality digital cameras which have been manufactured for a number of years. New features and technology have been added to new models which are introduced every year. These continuing improvements have kept the Ixus camera at the forefront of technology at all times.

Canon is a company which has a reputation for production of a large range of electronic items known for their good value and fine quality. This company has been in business for many years and has a good reputation for service and customer satisfaction. All Canon products have good warranties and in case of any problems can usually be replaced or repaired at Canon service depots in all areas of The USA and Canada and indeed around the globe wherever Canon products are available.

There are many different models of the Ixus digital camera, as well as both compact and regular versions. The compact versions of this camera have many of the same features that the regular versions have, but it is prudent to check out both versions to see which suits your requirements, before making your final choice of which to buy.

The Canon Ixus Camera is a high quality product combining current technology at its best with top performance and great styling. The latest models of this camera have the designation IS in their model name which stands for image stabiliser. Image stabilisation produces clear images even if hand movement takes place during exposure.

The top line Ixus cameras have 14.1.14. MP resolution coupled with 4x digital zoom technology,provides very detailed images. The menu system on these cameras is well designed, and it is easy to navigate through the many different controls. The IS system corrects for any camera movement which may take place during an exposure. Hence long exposures, due to poor light conditions, can remain well focussed and sharp.

There are a number of different exposure modes, which take care of the different types of photography that may be required by the user. These different modes can be easily selected to give the best conditions for any type of shot that is required. Manual functions can be used to override the automatic features, as required by the user.

The Canon Ixus camera is a well designed product and has a very wide range of desirable features built into it. An Ixus is an excellent choice for those who want a top quality camera that will serve them well for all kinds of photography.

You can find a lot more information about the Canon Ixus camera, as well as useful resources, at our website Canon Ixus camera

Canon IXUS Camera - Fashion Shoot - Canon

The Canon IXUS camera fashion photoshoot – 4 styles, 1 city. The camera features include high resolution sensors, Intelligent IS, powerful optical zooms and …

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Advice For Buying a Camcorder

There are many great digital camcorders on the market today; each allows you to capture digital film in varying modes and quality. When searching for a new camcorder there is a range of things to be considered to make sure you find the perfect one for you.

For many years families and individuals have used camcorders to capture special moments and events. They allow us to physically record and replay things that have happened and keep video memories of our lives. Years ago the equality of home made videos was very poor, and thanks to this there was a great decrease in sales and interest in Camcorders. However today there are ranges of many great digital camcorders that record high quality footage that is easy to use, upload and edit.

There are huge distinctions between digital camcorders today, you can pick a simple one up for less than £100 or you could get a high end one for over £500. It is important to read a range of Camera Reviews to make sure you find the camcorder that is best for you.

When you are first considering investing in a camcorder you should ask yourself how much you are willing to spend, to get a good range of features, extras and functions you should consider it will probably cost you around 300 for a high quality camera. You should also consider the equality of videos you wan to take as you can get a whole range of video recorders from standard to HD and even 3D recorders.

Most people today choose to invest in digital Camcorders and they are higher quality, easier to use and are easy to upload and edit. Although there are still analogue camcorders on sale, so consider if you will want digital or analogue recording.

When looking for a new camcorder it can be useful to use Camera Review sites to help guide you through your options. You can even find a whole host of information on comparison websites such as Big Camera Shop. Here you can compare a whole range of cameras all on one place. They have some of the most popular and functional camcorders here that you can compare prices and specifications of. They have popular brands such as Canon, Sony and Kodak.

To learn more about camcorders you could go into your local camera shop and speak to an advisor about your options. Much like a digital camera it is really important to test drive any camcorder before you buy it. It is extremely important you check its quality and ease of use before you part with your cash, as you don’t want to be disappointed with your purchase.

If you spend a lot of time taking digital photographs too you should also consider the video recording options on modern digital SLR cameras as sometimes the results can be just as great as those recorded off a camcorder, but you get digital camera and video recorder in one. The Big Camera Shop also has comparison options for al of the most popular digital cameras and the latest releases.

You could find variety of companies in the market who offers Camcorders which allows you to record videos. But it is very difficult to choose the perfect camcorders which fulfil your requirements. Visit online read Camera Review about various camcorders. For more information visit

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