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Choosing Between Compact Camera Sony RX100 Mark IV and Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II?

Choosing Between Compact Camera Sony RX100 Mark IV and Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II?

Nowadays, cellphones are drawing away numerous customers from purchasing cameras by offering affordable, high-resolution and handy devices. This has led to camera manufacturers adding features coveted by camera enthusiasts to compact devices. The Sony RX100 Mark IV and Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II are different in design but are meant for individuals looking for cameras that produce images of DSLR quality and can capture video in a compact body. Both cameras have been compared below and some of their features have been discussed.     
The RX100 III is a 21-megapixel camera featuring a 2.9 X zoom lens which can click less grainy pictures even in low light owing to its ability to capture images at very low ISO light sensitivity.
The G1X Mark II offers only a 13mp lens and due to its aperture and zoom range its image quality is not as high as Sony, since its sensor receives only 50% of the light.         

The design of the Sony camera features a non-touch articulated 3-inch LCD display, which is clear and bright. Placed on top is a retractable OLED view finder, a feature not very common in this category of cameras. Due to its inclusion a more powerful flash cannot be attached to this model, as the horseshoe has been removed.    

The G1X 100 Mark II by Canon has a touch screen 3-inch LCD display. The screen no longer rotates or swings out as it only tilts up and down. The viewfinder was ditched in this model, since it wasn’t fairly useful in framing shots and facility to add powerful external flash is available. 
Size of the camera

Sony RX100 Mark IV
The Sony RX100 Mark IV is incredibly compact and light, and can slide into pant pockets with its smaller-than-standard-pocket dimensions. In spite of its size this camera offers several features along with a front dial placed close to the retractable lens that is used to adjust several settings like shutter speed, aperture or ISO. Users can also modify several other features.

Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II

The Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II is longer, broader and cannot be squeezed into a standard pant pocket.  It is equipped with two dials at its base which control features like shutter and aperture.   

In terms of design and features it is a draw, since they offer similar features. However, for the design part Sony is considered better than Canon as it offers a superior device in a smaller and much more compact package, although it has a smaller zoom.              

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